mens : 1980s-90s : k5464
product code : k5464 : £ 115
  • 1980's translucent amber optyl frame marked

  • Original Carl Zeiss Umbral mineral glass lenses,
    etched with CZ logo



lens spec

other info
  • Marwitz started just over 100 years ago in Aalen, nr

    Stuttgart, Germany. They survived the war and were

    still going strong when they were bought by Carl Zeiss

    in the 1960's. Zeiss still owned them when this pair was

    made in the 1980's and this is why these are fitted with

    the Umbral 85s (15% LTF, 85% ABS) mineral glass

    lenses. It is an optical frame made from Optyl and is

    probably unisex. Marwitz are still going today, taken

    over by the 3rd generation of Marwitz's, Adrian, who

    has also managed to buy back the rights to the family

    name. He's also brought out his own line of eyewear: - and he's decided to continue

    using Carl Zeiss lenses in his sunglasses.

                                                           — klasik