mens : 1980s-90's : k5489
product code : k5489 : £ 225
  • Never worn 1980s-90s white and mock-tortoise
    and gold-plated rhodium metal frame marked BOEING

  • Original G15 (grey/green) acrylic lenses



lens spec

other info
  • in the late 1980s, sports eyewear brand Carrera collaborated

    with airline manufacturer Boeing to create the Carrera Boeing

    of aviator styles for men and women. This model,

    the 5706 is a unisex style marked as a "Small" but with 61mm

    lenses it is in fact larger than the Ray-Ban Large aviator at 58mm.

    This was the 80s, after all. The lenses at 9% light transmission

    are very dark, so these would be perfect in the air or the alps or

    on the water or in the desert. We found them with original price

    tags, so never worn, but the lenses are not perfect, a few minor

    marks reduces them to a 7. Boeing Carrera were astronomically

    expensive when launched in the 1980's. And they were unapologetic

    in marketing their high-flying range on launching in 1986: 'The new

    Boeing Collection by Carrera, designed to appeal to "the opinion

    leaders, the trendsetters, all those who are remarkable in matters

    of taste, income, travel frequency, standard of quality, and

    fascination with technology."'
    That's quite a lot to live up to, but

    these are the sunglasses to do it in.

                                                           — klasik