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  • It may have been the 1984 Winter Olympics that sent Vuarnet

    and in particular the original '002' into the popularity stratosphere

    - but these French sunglasses were around long before that. It

    actually started with 'Skilynx' lenses, invented in 1957 by Roger

    Pouilloux and Joseph Hatchiguian and used by Olympic skier Jean

    Vuarnet in 1960. As he won the gold in the downhill, he was signed

    up and thus the brand 'Vuarnet' was born. By the '84 Olympics,

    the unisex Ray-Ban Wayfarers (another old design, dating from

    1958) and Vuarnets were competing with each other, but far many

    more people bought Wayfarers as they were a third of the price of

    Vuarnet. Hence Sir Mick Jagger could afford a pair. Also, Vuarnet

    were dedicated to sports and their lenses were necessarily expensive.

    This 002 is fitted with SKILYNX 4000, making it a '4002'; the double-

    gradient mirror coating is "effective for climbing and water activities"

    and that amber yellow base enhances contrast and depth of field.

    Of course they filter out all UV rays and Vuarnet would add that are

    made from "...the finest glass, ground and polished on both sides to

    ensure distortion free vision, and are heat tempered for impact and

    scratch resistance..." We have an original Vuarnet advertisement

    from 1985
    for the now-iconic 002. Due to this status and the

    stopping of production back in the 1990's, it was recently re-made.

    It has the same shape and nylon frame but sadly, the lenses are not

    mineral glass, but plastic. Why not then have the authenticity,

    performance and looks of the amazing originals? NB: lenses only

    marked down for a 1mm scratch, lower left lens, out of eye line,

    otherwise perfect.

                                                           — klasik

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