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  • Never worn 1980's blonde mock tortoise plastic frame marked

  • Original green acrylic lenses



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  • We are very pleased to be able to present two pairs of 1980's

    Polo Sport 1 sunglasses by Ralph Lauren, this one with green,

    solid tint lenses and the other with gradient brown. These are

    the earliest Ralph Lauren sunglasses we've had, and the quality

    is incredible. Ralph Lauren started out with a tie store in 1967,

    where he first used the name "Polo". His design career after this

    was pretty much meteoric and by the 1970's he had created a

    line of eyewear. An ad from that period shows his 'Polo Lifestyle

    Eyewear' for men
    , which gives you some idea of the direction he

    was heading, for these sunglasses, which we would put later, in

    the 1980's. What is fantastic about this pair - besides the obvious

    - is that it is a Polo Sport 1, so the VERY FIRST Polo Sport model.

    And it is never worn. This makes them very collectable, but they

    are also so darned wearable. A large frame that wraps around like

    goggles or a mask, the shaping shows its sporting inspiration, but

    the acetate used is more one would expect in the boardroom. It's

    a pale tortoiseshell-like plastic though, so won't overwhelm in

    those honey and amber tones and the green lenses are that khaki

    green that looks so well with this colour. Nice wide arms extending

    from those swept-back lugs, giving a little side protection and then

    that notched bridge which leavens all and just makes this design

    sing. The lenses had to be marked down, but only due to some slight

    storage marks. Some real American heritage here in this Polo Sport 1,

    made in Italy, but to the exacting detail and inspirational design of

    master Ralph Lauren. Number One indeed.

                                                           — klasik

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