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1920s Windsor Rim, gold-fill frame KlasikVintageEyewearKlasikVintageEyewear KlasikVintageEyewearKlasikVintageEyewearKlasikVintageEyewear


The Windsor frame - a wire rim with a plastic (zylonite)

cover - was first developed by the American Optical

company and sold throughout the 1920's and 30's, its

longevity due to the increasing popularity of plastic

frames. The zylonite covers on this pair are a mottled

chestnut brown and are new: this zylonite rim cover is

still available and as there was a small split in the

original, we had it replaced in the same colour. The

frame has a patent number impressed under the bridge

which when searched, we couldn't find, so we are unable

to give the maker. Suffice to say that it looks to be 1920s

and the patent probably referred to the unusual bridge:

all one pice in gold fill metal, including the golf club

type nose pieces. It is a small frame so check size before

you buy, but suitable for men/women and all ages.

                                                                  — klasik
product code : k5396 : £ 145

1920s mottled brown plastic on gold fill Windsor frame
marked with Patent number and 1/10 10

New replacement mineral glass G15 (grey/green) lenses


lenses : new - 10

frame : very good

fit : very good - cable arms


face : 111mm

lens width : 36mm

lens height : 32mm

arms : /a - cable arms

lens spec

uv transmission % : 1

light transmission (LTF) % : 15

uv protection y/n : y