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  • 1920's silver metal frame, unmarked

  • Original amber glass lenses



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  • Wow - one could imagine that this is a 1920's/30's

    frame that was glazed with psychedelic tangerine

    tinted lenses in a reincarnation in the 1960's, but

    this isn't so: they are all original. The tint of the

    lenses is what was called amber, and they are

    authentically glass. The frame is simple and practical,

    with curl cable arms that keep the sunglasses on and

    a 'W' bridge instead of nose pads, for those who

    dislike these cluttering the look or just do not like nose

    pads. The cool silver metal contrasts with the warm

    tones of the vibrant tinted lenses and being a small

    size does not overwhelm. A stunning pair of

    1920's/30's sunglasses

vintage sunglasses : unisex : 1920's/30's sunglasses, unmarked
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