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product code : k5513 : £ 125
  • 1980's mock-tort plastic frame marked
    and WAYFARER

  • Original B&L G15 lenses etched w/logo



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  • The classic eighties pair of sunglasses - who didn't have a pair?

    I've still got mine! And love them!! These are in much better

    condition though - they look hardly worn. [Mine are terrible:

    chewed, chipped and well loved.] This was the pair that summed

    up a generation and they still look great on everyone who tries

    them on. Of course, Luxottica (who now own Ray-Ban) still sell

    these today, but of course they haven't got the Bausch & Lomb

    lenses - and someone even told us that the original lozenge

    plaque is no longer integral to the hinge, it is merely a glued

    on piece of decoration. Indeed!

                                                           — klasik

vintage sunglasses : mens : 1980's Ray-Ban Wayfarer by BAUSCH & LOMB
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