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product code : k5557 : £ 95
  • 1980's brown fade nylon frame marked
    and CATS

  • Original B&L B15 brown glass lenses etched w/logo



lens spec

other info
  • This is the Ray-Ban Cats 2000, new in 1985 and part

    of the original Cats range that went for the rest of that

    decade. It is made from nylon and for these frames

    Ray-Ban ventured to France and the Pouilloux company

    who were making Bollé frames - see the 1980's pages

    on this site for similar frames. This pair fitted with B&L's

    brown glass lenses that they called B15. "Cats" were made

    by B&L for "ski and surf" as the light nylon frame suited

    both activities - and more. B&L also added wire cores in the

    temples, believing that the fit was better as the frames

    were more adjustable. The 2000 is similar in appearance to

    Vuarnet's 002 which actually was marketed as the original

    'cats eye'. Now, we are not saying anything here but...miaow.

    Ray-Ban also challenged Vuarnet with lens specifications,

    offering more variety, to suit probably even more wearers;

    'Cats' even strayed into fashion, with their lens tints. This

    B15 lens was paired with their ombre shaded brown frame

    for a total look but the lens tint also provides the wearer with

    better contrast in lower light conditions. Perfect then for

    fashionable mountain retreats and snowy woods.

                                                           — klasik

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