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  • Although Polaroid sunglasses were an American brand,

    their sunglasses were made all over the world under

    licence. Here is an ad from Australia in 1958 showing

    a pair very similar to ours with a dual layer acetate in

    an upswept style. Our pair dates from around this period

    - late 1950s - and was probably made here in the UK or

    in the States. This ad from 1960 is British - the M1 was

    the UK's first motorway, so Polaroid hoped to appeal to

    women drivers - and those in other sports and resorts.

    The frame colour is a pearlised copper-brown over a

    crystal layer and the diamond shields are inset and flush

    with the front. The original lenses had shrunk a tad as

    Polaroid lenses are wont to do after about 20 or 30 years -

    so we had them replaced with new, original-stock Polaroid

    brand sun lenses, in the same pale tint. Perfection.

                                                           — klasik