women's 1940's-50's : k5559
product code : k5559 : £ 45
  • 1950's translucent shaded brown and gold
    glitter plastic frame, unmarked

  • Original brown glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • Glitter acetates are one of our favourite early frame

    plastics, especially if they are English and from a

    time when post-war austerity did not leave much

    room for exuberance and certainly not for luxury.

    Out of the gloom then comes these sparkling, fun

    sunglasses which perhaps went to the seaside or for

    a ride at the Festival of Britain Fun Fair at Battersea

    Park, London. The colour of the frame is a sort of

    pale straw with a hint of peach and the glitter

    embedded throughout is gold. The shape is rather

    elegant, with a keyhole bridge and that dipped and

    swooping brow and although it stays on (perhaps not

    on the Waltzer) the arms have become a bit loose

    from age. The tint of the glass lenses is that intense

    dark brown that we see from the 1930's in sunglasses

    - however note that they do not provide the current

    standards of uv protection, so not to be worn too

    long in the midday sun.

                                                           — klasik