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  • 1950's blonde tortoise plastic frame marked ENBEECO

  • Original yellow base top mirror glass lenses



lens spec

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  • In post-war Britain, by the mid-50's, after rationing and

    rebuilding, the nation was ready for recreation and for

    new opportunities. Car ownership was becoming attainable

    and more women were now drivers - as of course during

    WWII, many women had worked in transport for the war

    effort. Enbeeco of London, or Newbold & Bulford Limited,

    were makers of binoculars, compasses etc, so when they

    came to make these Driving Spectacles they were "scientific"

    aids for the motorist. The lenses are glass and the colour

    known as yellow 'sodium vapour', a tint that brightens the

    view at dusk, in fog or mist - at this time there was less street

    lighting and floodlit motorways, of course. The transparent

    mirror coating at the top of the lenses was an additional extra

    and no doubt for those eternal optimists who can always

    imagine the sun appearing from behind those clouds. The

    visor-like effect would also deal with any distracting, bright,

    overhead light. All focus then on the future. A wonderful

    period auto-accessory that also acknowledges the new

    freedoms and opportunities for women in post-war Britain.

                                                           — klasik

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