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product code : k5577 : £ 65
  • 1940's/50's translucent shaded amber plastic
    frame, unmarked

  • Original yellow glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • Possibly due to the translucent acetate, there is no

    maker's mark or country of origin stamped into the

    frame. Aesthetically, while this was a good choice,

    it leaves us to fill in the gaps: we know that provenance

    is vital for some of our Klasik customers. Let's start

    with the frame, a typical leisure or fashion shape of the

    late 40's, early 50's, with those wide sides and that

    flattering front, with those generous, deep and upswept

    eyepieces. They have not stinted with the acetate

    frame either, which shows that fashion, more than

    function is at play. These glasses could have been

    made in the UK, or continental Europe or the USA as

    yellow lenses were becoming increasingly popular.

    These are crystal glass and add a little weight to this

    light, in many senses, pair. 'Sunshine yellow' is literally

    the effect these lenses have as the whole scene is

    brightened and detail made more perceptible in dull and

    overcast conditions. Perhaps taking breakfast at a

    mountain lodge, by the lake, or on your boat, you can

    make like Gene Tierney then…oh, but she drowned that

    boy in that movie, didn't she?

                                                           — klasik

vintage sunglasses : 1940's/50's women's sunglasses, unmarked
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