women's pre-war : k5636
product code : k5636 : £ 165
  • 1940's white plastic frame marked MADE IN

  • Original mid-grey glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • The Registered Design No. stamped on the inside of the

    right temple of this extraordinary pair of sunglasses tells

    us that it was made between March 1945 and February

    1946 - so probably for a VE party in mind. It is an unusual

    design in that the frame is a standard size but the temples

    are oversized by comparison. And everything about it is flat

    and squared-off, except the inside of the bridge which has

    been shaped for comfort. The frame has been marked down

    to 'good' as it is showing a few signs of age, but the flat

    lenses have been protected over the years by the design

    and possibly one careful lady owner. As is common with

    sunglasses of this vintage, the lenses differ slightly in

    transmission (darkness) - see above - but not noticeable

    when being worn. Good uv protection in both lenses, so

    perfect for when we're allowed back on the beach. Good

    uv protection in both lenses - but actually this pair should

    probably be in a museum.

vintage sunglasses : womens : 1940's marked MADE IN ENGLAND