womens : 1960s : k5414
product code : k5414 : £ 125
  • 1960s black plastic frame marked DESIGNED BY

  • Original grey glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • Emilie Roberts designed high-end sunglasses throughout the 1960s

    and 70s and was frequently featured in the fashion magazines at the

    time - here is one spread from Esquire in 1969 and another from 1970

    - and we've seen others in American Vogue. This pair very much a

    mod look popular in the mid-late 1960s and very sought after today.

    Here is a photo of Phil Spector in a diamond shape from the same period.

    This pair retains the original sticker with the designer's name and it is

    in very good condition so it may have been hardly worn, but the plastic

    is showing slight signs of age which is why it has been graded down

    from 'excellent'. The neutral shape makes us think, like Mr Spector's,

    they were for men or women.

                                                           — klasik