womens : 1970s : k5418
product code : k5418 : £ 95
  • Never worn 1960s/70s silver metal frame
    marked MADE IN FRANCE

  • Original grey glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • Cébé have a venerable reputation in the ski world, since

    their start in 1892 in the Jura mountains of Morez, France

    making sports sunglasses for skiers. There were other eye-

    wear makers in Morez but Cébé's name went international

    as they specialised in not only lenses that reduced glare in

    other sports like cycling, mountaineering and motorbiking,

    but they produced French fashion styles that used their

    quality protective lenses for all outdoor pursuits. Including

    just looking fabulous in the sun. Thin metal frames with big

    eye shapes started in the late 60s as psychedelia and the

    hippy culture 'grew' those granny glasses: Ray-Ban's I-Shapes

    were a mainstream take while rock stars like Jimi Hendrix and

    Janis Joplin went wild for Woodstock, 1968. Along with mega

    metal-framed circles and squares, there were also oblongs like

    this pair - see this 1970 ad for Renauld Aluminaries, for the

    similar shape. This Cébé however has shimmering glass lenses

    like windows, and the grey tint looks great with the silver frame

    - verres filtrant on the original sticker means lenses with filters.

    The thin metal shows them off and makes them lighter to wear,

    and the 'W' bridge is like the original granny glasses that

    inspired the look. It's possibly unisex, but more Bolan than Bay

    City Rollers. Cébé are unique in French eyewear with their sport

    and fashion heritage and it's fantastic to find this 1960s/70s

    runway model never worn.

                                                           — klasik