womens : 1960s : k5423
product code : k5423 : £ 125
  • 1960s demi-amber plastic with aurora borealis and gold
    stud inset plastic frame marked MADE IN FRANCE

  • Original pale blue mineral glass lenses



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  • Owl sunglasses with a huge wow factor in the dazzling decoration.

    Of course they were made in France, the experts for such fine

    work in acetate - dozens of 2mm stones and 100 gold pin studs

    surround the eyes, and the multiple colours in 'aurora borealis'

    stones and tiny gold metal studs compliment the pale blue mineral

    glass lenses. Also the warm tones of the darker amber tortoisehell

    frame, which is good quality with 5-charnier joints pinned front and

    sides. The lenses are perfect circles at 53mm, so a large, glamorous

    accessory. The fashion for the round 'owl' shape started with the 60s

    beatniks and hippies of counter-culture who wore original Edwardian

    frames they called 'granny glasses'. As fashion played with colour

    and pop art and futurism, so new eyewear designs responded and

    the shapes grew. Sometimes just the lenses were that burst of colour

    - see the purple tint in this pair from 1968 while designers like Christian

    Dior with Tura could bring haute couture to their 'Gypsy Look', with

    frames using enamels and jewels. The emphasis here is on the eyes

    and eye colours, hence the pale tint of sky blue and the ornamentation

    adding sparkle and illumination all round. In 1994 Chanel returned to

    round, and their sunglasses circled by pearls are now themselves

    vintage pieces. This is a stunning Sixties original though, just looking

    for that wild party and some Pucci prints by a fabulous pool.

                                                           — klasik