women's : 1960s : k5430
product code : k5430 : £ 145
  • 1960's striped brown plastic frame, unmarked

  • Original brown glass sun lenses



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  • An amazing acetate from the 1960s which was generally

    known as a horn-effect plastic. Inspired by organic materials

    like wood and horn and also animal fur from wild cats to zebras,

    such frames drew attention to the eyes, and surrounding shapes

    became larger. Paler lenses allowed the eyes to show through

    and Jackie 'O' wore such glamorous sunglasses, jet-setting from

    the US to Europe. This expensive acetate and similar were known

    in the US, but were more often seen in European eyewear from

    luxury makers, like Marly. Or Helmecke in Germany: their Chelsea

    range of 1968 had a swept-back type frame using a similar

    acetate, called "Panda". There are no markings or a surviving label

    on this pair though, so we can't say who made this beguiling design

    with its cat-like ovals or ellipses in that wide curved front, and the

    gorgeous browns and creams in the subtle stripes. High fashion

    meets artistry when you also look at details like the small raised

    section at the bridge. The lenses are mineral glass of course, tinted

    a mid-brown to bring out more tones in the frame colours. Only

    slightly used, we haven't had them changed as it is impossible to

    get this shade in a glass lens nowadays. If you needed to have them

    changed at a later date there are Zeiss Umbral (brown) lens and we

    have them in two shades, the 15% (darker) and the 35% (lighter). We

    instinctively feel that these 1960s catwalk sunglasses are European

    - probably German, Italian or French - and one of the loveliest lost

    'strays' we have ever offered. Just wish we could credit the makers.

                                                           — klasik