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  • This pair dating from 1968, was designed by Degenhardt who had

    been the sole British agents for Zeiss since the previous decade.

    Here is one of their ads from 1959. Nine years later, with their

    latest catalogue
    of designs including this pair, you can see how

    Degenhardt/Zeiss had captured the luxury UK sunglasses market.

    They were expensive and exclusive - selling through opticians -

    and advertised in the high fashion "glossy" magazines. So they

    dubbed this Degenhardt design 'Wimbledon' - made from imported

    Italian acetate, the same as they'd had success the year before

    with another model, Capri - but interesting that they have left the

    Continent to use the famous English tennis tournament as a name.

    Perhaps it was for some of that sporting cachet, but as it's a more

    outlandish design, it's likely they were aiming to reflect a Swinging

    London in 1968, especially with oodles of that amazing op-art

    effect striped acetate in that rounded upswept front. Note the

    lenses are their famous glass Zeiss Umbral 65s, which were

    marketed as the 'sunglasses to heighten beauty and not conceal it':

    sherry-tinted and scientifically-correct for protection, they allowed

    the eyes to be seen and not masked. The original lenses had seen

    some partying, so naturally when we replaced them, we used new

    Zeiss Umbral 65s. So we can truly say, Wimbledon: game, set and


                                                           — klasik