women's 1960's : k5531
product code : k5531 : £ 145
  • 1960's black/grey pearl/black layered plastic frame marked

  • Original ZEISS UMBRAL 85 brown mineral glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • Zeiss had established a reputation for exclusivity in English eyewear by

    the late 60s as their products were imported, used premium materials

    and were very expensive. This is the 'Lisbon', seen here in their catalogue

    from 1968
    . It was the top of their range, featured first, following the

    introduction explaining that ..."experts travel Europe every year to ensure

    that each season the spectacle frames for Umbral Sunglasses reflect the

    latest trends in design, colours and materials."
    So not only in the name,

    but in its description as a ..."heavier Continental design..." Zeiss cites

    European credentials for Lisbon. This was eight years after the film

    'La Dolce Vita' had had such an impact on British fashion and particularly

    eyewear, so Zeiss knew their quality German-made Umbral lenses

    needed the ultimate in women's European frame fashions. Lisbon, their

    most lavish and expensive, only came in 3 colours and this is the Ebony,

    where a gorgeous grey pearl layer sits between black layers and shaping

    let it show through for accents and definition. So effective where glimmering

    grey arcs extend the upswept cat-eye sides and contrast with notched and

    straight edges, like wings. An exceptional and rare pair of European

    sunglasses in both glass Zeiss sun Umbral lenses and a Helmecke

    frame - which shows how quality endures, even after nearly 50 years.

    The frame is only marked down to 'good' for a slightly nibbled temple tip.

                                                           — klasik