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  • When American Optical marketed this wrap-around type frame

    design in the mid-1960's, they called it the "femme fatale of

    sunglasses." To live up to its promise, 'Sultry' was made only in

    "Secret Black" zylonite - with grey tinted (True Color) sun lenses.

    There was also more advertising hyperbole about twilight gardens

    and whispers. It was the Mad Men era, after all. The decoration is

    subtle yet makes the design. The upper top edges have been

    defined with textured areas of hand-etched grooves, highlighted

    with a little gold, into which stones and studs have been set.

    These areas extend around the side and even continue a little,

    down the arms. At the cat-eye edges, also emphasising the curve-

    back, are small starburst circles of hand-set studs and stones.

    Like Ray-Ban, AO's high-quality frames could be ordered with the

    company's own prescription (Rx) tinted sun lenses or with no Rx.

    This pair had True Color Rx lenses, so we had them replaced with

    sparkling new Klasik Grey mineral glass lenses. Wow. This is pretty

    much how Sultry must have looked when she took her first stunning

    sashay in the Sixties. Be aware that AO so liked the name Sultry,

    that they never let it go - re-using it for a totally different design

    in the 1970's.

                                                           — klasik