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  • Beautiful upswept design from what looks to be mid-60's

    France, with a golden honey layer over a clear acetate,

    making these slightly translucent. The quality is high,

    with 7-charnier hinges pinned through front and sides

    with distinctive shields and mitred joints for a flush meet.

    The temples are the paddle type, straight and going wider

    at the ends. We found this pair a little well loved with a

    few scratches on the lenses, so we had them replaced

    with a matching tint, using our Klasik Grey mineral glass

    sun lenses. The maker is simply marked as 'R' and we would

    not like to speculate (hah!) which French maker this may have

    been. It was not one made for export though as it would be

    marked with the full name of the importer/distributor, i.e.

    Raybert. Perhaps the French kept the best for themselves and

    as with all things of beauty and class: less is more.

                                                           — klasik

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