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  • Never worn 1960's layered crimson/blue horizontal stripes
    on black plastic frame by OLIVER GOLDSMITH marked

  • Original grey/green glass lenses



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  • Where to start? Unworn, all-original, 1960's sunglasses? With

    those archetypal 60's op-art stripes? By pre-eminent English

    designer: Oliver Goldsmith? Made by Italian craftsmen, Filos?

    Dedicated to 60's icon Cilla Black. Say, what?! Yes, the style

    "Cilly" is obviously a play on words - as is the frame, with its

    mod red and blue stripes - on Black. Red-haired singer Cilla was

    one of Oliver Goldsmith's celebrity clients, along with

    John Lennon (an obvious connection there) and Michael Caine

    - she did sing the theme song to his 1966 movie, "Alfie".

    These sunglasses though were part of Goldsmith's 1969 collection.

    We have another from the same collection: "Goldfish". Perhaps

    these examples of exceptional English eyewear should be in a

    museum, but the Victoria and Albert in London already have

    an Oliver Goldsmith Eyewear collection. This is a family firm

    and still going after 90 years with third generation Andrew

    Oliver Goldsmith
    , who would have designed this pair. The V&A's

    website provides excellent information on Andrew's and his

    father Charles's post-war designs, made and sold in their

    London shop - even from A. O. Goldsmith himself, in videos.

    Andrew's first design was apparently put into the OG shop in

    1964 - so "Cilly" is just five years later. Their eyewear was

    all hand-made up until the early 1970's, so again, this pair is

    something very special. Cilla Black is now a 60's style icon,

    acknowledged for her support of many young English designers

    of the period. She wore Biba, co-financed Tommy Nutter's first

    shop and had her hair cut by Vidal Sassoon. No wonder she

    also wore Oliver Goldsmith Eyewear.

                                                           — klasik

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