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  • Winsum is the name Liberty Optical of America came up

    with for their 1960's sunglass range. It is the abbreviation

    of Winter/Summer as these sunglasses were designed to

    be worn year round. We have a Liberty Winsum catalogue

    from 1966
    to show you what they mean. The name Winsum

    dates a design to 1964 or after as this is when Liberty first

    used it. Our pair unfortunately does not appear in the '66

    catalogue so could be a little earlier or a little later. It is a

    rather sleek cat-eye in what was called a "wrap around"

    design, and the engraving, accented with coloured stones,

    is subtle and rather oriental in style. This decoration would

    have been done by hand, so each pair is unique. We found

    it with prescription sunglasses lenses so we had them

    changed to our Klasik Grey, the same tint as Winsum's

    'Withstand' lenses
    , which would have been originally fitted.

    Liberty are still going, still based in Newark NJ, but like so

    many others cannot produce such expensive artisan-made

    eyewear any more; instead, they have turned to making

    protective eyewear for the work place. Here though is an

    example from their glory days for today's high days and


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