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  • Victory Optical was founded in 1941 by Vincent Salierno in

    Newark, NJ. He went on to design some of the best frames

    and sunglasses of the mid-20th century in America. This pair

    is a very typical exaggerated style from Victory, perhaps the

    most extreme cat-eyes we've ever been able to offer - with

    its cat meets butterfly shape. Flattering contrast between

    those upswept pussy-cat eyes and the angular lines in those

    squared-off sides. And all the more seductive in velvety black.

    We found this pair fitted with prescription sunglass lenses and

    so changed them to Klasik Grey mineral glass lenses, mindful

    that "Gray-Ray" was the original and exclusive Suntimer glass

    lens colour. Incidentally, the grandsons of Vincent Salierno are

    also in the optical business and are recreating some of their

    best designs from this period - perhaps this one soon.

    Check out their web site.

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