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  • Never worn 1960's striped amber plastic frame

  • Original grey glass lenses with OG sticker



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  • Oliver Goldsmith Eyewear started over 75 years ago are are still

    going today. Third generation, Andrew Oliver Goldsmith, is the likely

    designer of "Goldfish", which came out in their 1969 sunglasses

    collection, along with 'Cilly', which we also have. Both unworn

    and with their original labels and tickets. This was the time when

    the Oliver Goldsmith Eyewear showrooms on Poland Street were

    frequented by celebrity clients, such as Audrey Hepburn, Cilla

    Black and even royalty, like Princess Grace of Monaco. A recent

    museum exhibition showed many of these famous customers of this

    most famous English maker of eyewear. The Victoria and Albert

    Museum also has an excellent permanent collection and their website

    provides excellent information
    on Andrew's and his father Charles's

    post-war designs, made and sold in their London shop - even from

    A. O. Goldsmith himself, in videos. Andrew's first design was

    apparently put into the OG shop in 1964, so "Goldfish" came out five

    years later, made by Filos, superlative Italian craftsmen. Goldfish is

    two fish - kissing, perhaps - with their 'tails' wrapping over each side.

    It is not obvious though and the design very much reflects England's

    fun and playful Sixties fashion. Carnaby Street is not that far from

    Poland Street. By the 1970's Oliver Goldsmith Eyewear had moved

    out of Swinging London, to Hertfordshire and stopped making their

    designs totally by hand. "Goldfish" then is a fantastic example of the

    zenith of OG Sixties Eyewear. A beautiful striped golden, goldfish-like,

    amber acetate, the front is shaped with a slight wrap, and the arm

    joints inset so as not to detract from its feature, curve-back triangular

    sides. A darker tint has been used for the usual shimmering mineral

    glass lenses, which again makes "Goldfish" more a fashion accessory.

    Such lenses fail the modern criteria for uv protection, so not to be

    worn all day in searing sun. A flirty, fun design then that was created

    for English streets and mini-skirts and modsters.

                                                           — klasik

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