womens : 1960's : k9544
product code : k9544 : £ 45
  • 1960's tort plastic frame by AMERICAN OPTICAL
    marked with design name CUE and no: FT 138T

  • original pale brown glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • We can date this pair to May, 1969 as this

    was the month that this ad appeared in Harpers

    . It described AO's new range, Sunvogues

    as, "...the serious sunglasses...many sun-

    glasses are only dark glasses that filter out

    light, Sunvogues filter out harmful infrared and

    ultraviolet rays..."
    . They felt they had to impress

    this as Cue (shown at bottom of ad - is that Cheryl

    Tiegs?) had paler lenses. The original Sunvogues

    case is never used which we were lucky to

    acquire separately.