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  • Never worn 1970's teal/brown plastic frame marked

  • Original grey glass lenses



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  • We are always excited to find never worn frames and especially sunglasses:

    the sleeping beauties of vintage eyewear. It's as though the optician closed

    up the shop that you then step into 40 years later, to try on these pieces

    for the very first time. This pair even has the original stickers that tell you

    that it is 'GloGirl'. The maker is American and quite a name in the optical

    business: Universal - based in Providence, Rhode Island. They grew from

    jewellery and watchmaking and by WW1were making telescopic gun sights

    for the American infantry. Over the decades that followed, and "Dedicated

    to original design and fine quality" they produced some of the best optical

    frames in the US. But in 1971 they introduced something new - and we

    believe GloGirl is one those, a design from their 'Eyewear Boutique' concept,

    with just five frames, each glazed with differing lenses, including sunglass

    lenses. This is probably what we would call now a capsule collection and was

    placed in exclusive optician's shops, to show complete looks to buy, whilst

    also offering further bespoke options. Universal's handcrafted fashion

    eyewear was taking on expensive European imports, and you can see that,

    from the tinted mineral glass to those metal sides, like silver stirrups, and

    the big, glamorous shape. 'TealBrown' doesn't do justice to the translucent

    acetate, shot through with bright blues and deep greens and the 'Gray'

    tinted glass lenses not only compliment but protect to 400nm, ie UVA.

    Time to wake up and GloGirl.

                                                           — klasik

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