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  • 1980's semi-translucent shaded olive fading to amber
    matte finish optyl frame marked CHRISTIAN DIOR
    2041 GERMANY

  • Original gradient brown acrylic lenses



lens spec

other info
  • It was designer Marc Bohan for Dior who collaborated with

    Wilhelm Anger, the inventor of Optyl, to produce Dior's

    first collection of just 5 sunglass designs, in 1974. The

    house went on though, no doubt still under the designing

    hand of Bohan, to create more extraordinary eyewear

    styles over many years in the ever-special Optyl. Here,

    the sculptural qualities of the material, an epoxy resin

    that is cast and hardened, are easy to appreciate. The

    lenses are deep set into sides and top that have incised

    black lines that continue down the arms. The gold logos

    are inset and visible through the matte finish. It dates from

    the late 70's or early eighties but has the look of an art-deco

    Odeon cinema, such is the glamour that exudes from Dior


vintage sunglasses : womens : Never worn 1980's by CHRISTIAN DIOR (GERMANY)
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