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  • Never worn 1980's layered tangerine and pearl plastic

  • Original CR39 gradient mid-brown lenses



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  • This was such a popular style by Pucci that he made it in

    various colours and more than one size. Famous for those

    glorious Mediterranean colours in his printed silks in the Sixties,

    his love for colour is still evident here in this glowing tangerine

    dream of a pair of 1980's sunglasses. Hard to appreciate in

    the photos, the orange and pearl colours have a slight shimmer

    and therefore depth to them. These colours have been laid in

    layers onto a frame of clear acetate, in parts, fading in gradually,

    as an 'ombre' effect and then at the front, on the generous

    corners, cut back to the clear in tubular grooves. The lenses are

    flushed a gradient warm caramel brown which looks gorgeous

    with those citrus colours in the frame. The Emilio Pucci

    monogram 'EP' brown enamel and silver logos are fixed at both

    temples. It was made in two sizes - this the medium - and we've

    sold the larger size before in a different colourway - check out

    our happy customer!

                                                           — klasik

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