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  • 1980's gold with dark pink inlay metal frame

  • Original gradient green acrylic lenses



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  • Giovani Favetto is a name that is not that well-known or well-

    collected....yet. Producing high quality optical wear in France,

    it seems this designer flourished only for a short while in the

    latter part of the 1980's and this is why we see very, very

    few examples, especially of his sunglasses, which are much

    more experimental and fashion-led than the optical frames.

    Given the luxurious detail of this gold metal frame, it would

    not be surprising to hear that Favetto became a casualty of

    the decline of the optical industry in the early 1990's, when

    the pursuit of cheaper costs closed the artisan workshops and

    factories (not just in France) and most of the production

    relocated to the Far East. Fine metal frame work like this is

    reminiscent of France's Cartier and it is nice to see a women's

    pair use gold metal with the addition of these gorgeous pastel

    colours. A dusky lilac and pink are applied in feather-like

    sections on the front and the colours picked up in little 'rods'

    that adorn the top outside edges and at the bridge. Even the GF

    logo on one arm is striped through with the same pink enamel,

    such is the attention to detail. The green gradient lenses are

    wonderful with the gold and with the pink and violet. They are

    hardly worn, a rarity from the 80's and from a time of the last

    of excellence - eyewear to marvel at and marvel in.

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