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product code : k5670 : £ 105
  • 1980's translucent shaded striped green and blue optyl
    frame marked CHRISTIAN DIOR 2176 GERMANY

  • Original gradient pale purple acrylic lenses



lens spec

other info
  • It was designer Marc Bohan for Dior who collaborated with

    Wilhelm Anger, the inventor of Optyl, to produce Dior's

    first collection of just 5 sunglass designs, in 1974. The

    house went on though, no doubt still under the designing

    hand of Bohan, to create more extraordinary eyewear

    styles over many years in the ever-special Optyl. Here,

    the sculptural qualities of the material, an epoxy resin

    that is cast and hardened, are easy to appreciate. Left

    slick and shiny, it wraps around the face like a masque,

    but the colour is a clear, pale khaki so very light on, in

    every sense. Then in parts, almost like a shadow or stencil,

    a net-effect is laid over, in a dark blue colour. The

    graduated tint of lilac-grey in the cat-shape lenses (marked

    down due to 1 or 2 barely noticeable storage marks) keeps

    the look light again, and lets a whole lot of eye-area work

    for you. So wearable, and yet so collectable, do you put

    them under lock and key or do you let them see the light?

    Send us a photo if you do.

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