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product code : k5997 : £ 65
  • 1980's silver to green fade plastic frame marked
    GOGGLES FRANCE 151010B E40

  • Original gradient pale lilac acrylic lenses



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  • GOGGLES were launched in the late 1970's by

    the British designer, Oliver Goldsmith. Check

    out the (David Bailey directed) tv ad on their

    website for them. This diffuse line of fashion

    sunglasses went into the 1980's and this pair

    looks to be an early one. Metallic green accents

    on matte silver colour this flash-forward design.

    The lilac gradient lenses making a nice contrast.

    Futuristic references in the large format and

    angular, spare detail. Not in great condition,

    but then space travel does take its toll.

                                                           — klasik

vintage sunglasses : womens : 1980's Goggles by OLIVER GOLDSMITH (FRANCE)
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