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product code : k7077 : £ 75
  • Never worn triple laminate red/pink
    plastic frame marked FENDI by LOZZA
    and MADE IN ITALY model FS34.

  • Original gradient gray acrylic lenses



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  • Fendi - so their web site tells us - started in

    1925 with a shop in Rome and soon became

    known for their furs and handbags. In the 60's

    they hired a young Karl Lagerfeld in the 60's who

    helped transform them into the uber-brand they

    are today, now owned by the same group that

    owns Prada. But before they sold out, they made

    these wonderful sunglasses, a typical wide, flat-top

    80's design with what looks to be a layer of fabric

    in the top layer and down the arms over a marblised

    layer over a clear layer. Nice contrasting gradient

    lenses which of course give full uv protection. Raised

    gold metal pyramid logos on each arm.

                                                           — klasik

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