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  • We love Wheway. That's the Wheway Optical Company

    or WOCo, which by the 1930's was a mighty British

    manufacturer of quality eyewear in Birmingham, home

    of a famous Jewellery Quarter. Francis Wheway, who

    started the business, was an optician as far back as the

    1870's, but this frame dates from the 1930's or possibly

    through to the 1940's, when his descendants were

    designing for the company. The frame is a Windsor style

    but Wheway called theirs the 'Covrim' and they were

    making it in the 1930's, through to the late 1940's. The

    eye shape is one they introduced in the 30's, called

    'Contour' - it is a little like a smallish aviator - no surprise

    then to see Contour still being offered after the war,

    when aviator or military shapes became even more popular.

    The Contour was Wheway's most costly option - much

    more than regular round eyes and P.R.O.'s, so this is rather

    special. Although not stamped, the 'W' bridge is gold-fill, as

    were all their frames and the colour of these Xylo rims is

    their 'Chestnut.' This pair could be worn by men or women

    and it is fitted with new mineral glass sunglass lenses from

    Klasik in Klasik Green.

                                                                      — klasik

vintage sunglasses : unisex : 1930's/40's Windsor frame by WHEYWAY OPTICAL (UK)
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