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  • 1930's white plastic frame marked CRAYONNE

  • Original petrol blue glass lenses



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  • Crayonne was the company's name and also

    the name of the plastic they created which

    this pair is made from - one of dozens of

    polymers that were being developed at the

    time and being used for sunglasses. Crayonne

    were from Bexley in Kent (England) and were

    big in the 1970s but until we found this pair

    we were unaware that they were around

    before the war. The best bit are the lenses

    in that unique shade of petrol blue. NB: lenses

    marked down only due to tiny chip at edge of

    rims - see bottom photo.

                                                           — klasik

vintage sunglasses : womens : 1930's by CRAYONNE (ENGLAND)
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