women's : pre-1970 : k8297
product code : k8297 : £ 145
  • 1940s/50s black plastic frame, unmarked

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • It's the shape of this frame that makes us believe it was

    made after 1945. The upswept style had started before

    the war with Altina Schinasi's 'Harlequin' design in the US

    and here is Greer Garson in the movie 'Adventure' [1945]

    in a frame that is a development of that shape, but less

    cat-eye and more rounded. At the end of the warr, women

    wanted their eyewear to reflect the changes in their lives;

    their new freedoms and place in the workforce, so as

    'heavyweights' or hornrim frames were fashionable for men,

    they wanted their own styles. In contrast, pre-war eyewear

    for women strived to be inconspicuous, often with delicate

    metal parts and small eyepieces, that were often rimless.

    Plastics had also advanced during WW2 and that is shown

    in this 1945 Life magazine special on the new, fashionable,

    statement styles. This frame is black and in a similar, thick

    acetate but with not quite so wide sides. The 5-charnier hinges

    are supported with two silver pins, front and sides, which make

    a smart detail on this high quality frame. The inside of the

    bridge is shaped for a comfortable fit, and with no mark or

    size stamped on the frame, it adds up to a bespoke product

    from an optical artisan's bench and not one from a factory.

    A look at what Ava Gardner was wearing in 1948 also reveals

    how 'heavyweights' progressed and this pair may even be from

    the early 1950's. It could have been made here in England or

    perhaps on the continent, and it has been restored to new


                                                           — klasik